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My wife and I celebrated our anniversary in Buenos Aires, on our first-ever visit to Argentina and South America. Two days of our trip were spent with Joy of Buenos Aires. Although we could have crammed all the city tour spots into one day, which is what a lot of people do, we opted to do it over two whole days, giving us ample time to explore off-the-beaten path sites, take unlimited photos and shoot videos, relax as needed and snack whenever we desired. Choosing two days (with a break in-between) was the best decision we made, and the 16 hours we spent with Joy, in a wide variety of situations, simply revealed to us that she is undoubtedly pursuing her passion! And there’s nothing better than having a guide/friend who seems as excited about her tours (ones she’s done numerous times!) as you are. It makes a big difference! And in this day and age, where websites and ads often exaggerate a person’s or product’s accomplishments or benefits, my feeling is that Joy gives you amazing value for your investment. And her website and Facebook page accurately reflect who she is and what she can do. Thank you, Joy!

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