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Drum Workshop

Percussion and signing, man’s first form of musical expression, was perhaps motivated by our desire to imitate and control the rhythms of life, nature, the planets and beyond. The folk music of Latin America in general has rooted in its rhythms the influence of the African slaves who forcibly arrived to this part of the world during the Colonial era. Over time, these rhythms mixed with those brought by the Europeans as well as the indigenous cultures. The result is a grand spectrum of rhythms, some beautiful and uplifting, others are rebellious and prepare warriors for battle. In the region of the Río de la Plata in Uruguay and Argentina, Candombe and Milonga music are fruit of this mixture and would later give origin to Tango.

In our percussion workshop, we will explore the amazing potential of African-latinamerican drums and discover the energy and happiness that is brought collectively through this music, just as it was in the origins for our ancestors since the beginning of humanity.

Drum Workshop

Transfer (local bus or metro) + lesson + great teacher and local guide! (*)

Duration of Workshop: 1.30 hr aprox.

Meeting point: Line B (subway)
More meeting point details and easy directions will be informed once booking is confirmed. For groups we go ti pick you up!

(*)Price includes: lesson, instruments, water.

Get in touch with us for more price information!

Do not hesitate to contact us we are flexible and want you to enjoy this authentic experience!

We assure the best experience by providing all details by email.

We recommend: comfortable clothes, it’s ok to bring your camera if you like !

Maximum number of people: 10

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