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Origins of Buenos Aires

Argentina had a long and winding road after achieving independence in 1816. From being recognized as “the granary of the world” in XIX century to the years of totalitarian repression and military dictatorship, it traveled a dramatic path to modernity. Do you want to know how it all started?

On this tour, you will learn the essential historical background to understand complicated Argentinean history, in a fun engaging way.

We start our walk in the Mayo Square, the main plaza of the Capital of Argentina. We will continue our walk getting into the oldest neighborhood in town, San Telmo. A neighborhood chosen as home by many local and international artists becouse of it’s unique energy. We will appriciate the background history of San Telmo and its unique architecture. To finish, we’ll grab a local bus to feel just like porteños, arriving in the colorful Caminito in beautiful La Boca neighborhood where the history of tango & football shows you the essence of Argentina.

Private tours & Shared tours are available.

Shared tour booked? We meet near Mayo Square.

The experience and the quality of your visit is prioritized, that’s why all tours are small group of a maximum of 10 people. More detailed meeting point with email confirmation.

How much does it cost? For both public or private tours, get in touch with us, our prices are very reasonable because we focus on delivering value.

DURATION: 4.5 hours

We will be going through Mayo Square, San Telmo and La Boca.


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Discover the historical secrets of Buenos Aires

Interact with local artisans while walking the cobblestone streets of bohemian San Telmo

Be immersed in the sport, food and art culture in colourful Caminito while learning some tango steps.

Travel like the locals!

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